Friend Tech & DIGITS DAO: A Synergy of Value and Vision

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3 min readSep 14, 2023


Since Digits DAO started in February 2022, we’ve had a clear goal: grow our treasury and become the top on chain FaaS DAO. We’re proud to say we’re currently at the top spot on CoinGecko. Even cooler? We’ve grown our treasury from $100K to over $3 million. That’s not just luck; that’s good trading.

Our secret?

We have an innate knack for anticipating trends, setting us apart in on-chain narrative trading. We value transparency, as evident from our public spreadsheet where you can view all of our current holdings as well as past.

Our dedicated followers can also view most of our treasury holdings on debank here making it easy to track how our treasury is performing.

So what’s next for $DIGITS and Digits DAO?

Our Growing Interest in Friend Tech

Our eyes are currently set on Friend Tech. With a proactive deposits of over 115 ETH, we’re poised and ready for the anticipated airdrop in 5 months. This move is a testament to our commitment to identifying and investing in high-quality assets and narratives.

But what are we going to do with the future airdrop?

Evolving to Offer More to $DIGITS Holders

The crypto bear market hasn’t deterred us. On the contrary, we’ve become more tenacious in our mission to enhance value for our holders. Recognizing the intricacies of on-chain dynamics, we introduced exclusive alpha chats for DIGITS holders and pivoted our 10% trading tax to directly reward holders.

This was a huge value add for the Digits DAO ecosystem and we’ve come up with something even greater.

Understanding that tax efficiency depends on trading volume, especially in a bearish phase, we’ve mapped out an ingenious flywheel strategy to reward $DIGITS holders, the Digits DAO treasury, and DigitsDAO key holders all at the same time:

1. Boosting Airdrop Farming on Friend Tech: We plan to inject more ETH into Friend Tech, leveraging our substantial 100 ETH holdings to accumulate points for potential airdrops.
2. Redefining Tax Allocation: The trading tax on the $DIGITS token will now direct 5% back into our treasury. This updates our buy/sell trading tax to 5%/5%.
3. Strategic Revenue Direction: All revenue generated from the DIGITS tax will be channeled to Friend Tech, which is set to augment our blue-chip frens holdings, thus enhancing the chances of a significant airdrop.
4. Our Buyback Commitment: All revenues from our @digitsdao FT trading fees will spearhead a buyback of the digitsdao FT key, an approach that will invariably elevate our portfolio value in anticipation of a lucrative airdrop.
5. The Friend Tech Airdrop Proposition: Should Friend Tech authorize an airdrop based on the accumulated points in the next 5 months, 100% of the airdrop will be accessible to all $DIGITS holders with a balance exceeding 100,000 DIGITS.

Yes you heard it right.

100% of the friend tech airdrop goes to $DIGITS holders at a pro-rata rate based on holdings above 100,000 $DIGITS.

Our Invitation to You

We’re sharing an ecosystem flourishing on strategy, accountability, and unwavering dedication to our holders. These innovative shifts promise unprecedented growth for both our key holders, $DIGITS holders, and the Digits DAO treasury.

Engage with us, raise questions, participate in our Friend Tech chat, and consider aligning your crypto journey with DIGITS. Together, we’ll navigate the promising horizons that lie ahead with friend tech and beyond.

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